The Perfect Pantry

We all remember that space in our Grandmother’s or Mother’s home where there always seemed to be an endless supply of spices or flour, that one pan that everyone loved to use, or a hidden treat left just for you. It had its own feeling and coziness and was well-used, sometimes abused, and messy but in a way that made sense. What space is this? The Pantry.

For years, the pantry was the forgotten about area in the home (though it was probably used daily) and the place that kept all our little messy habits hidden.  It probably did not see a new coat or paint or fresh shelf liners for decades, but it kept on doing its job and kept everything tucked away.

Nowadays, we are seeing the celebration of the pantry (and adaptations of it) and it is finally getting the accolades it deserves. With soapstone or marble shelving, beautiful soft-closing drawers, great lighting, and plenty of space to stock your spices, canned or dry goods, it is a highlight of many new or renovated homes.

One variation of the pantry is the scullery (those of you who are fans of PBS might recognize this word more), an increasingly popular “must-have” feature in many homes, especially for those who like to entertain. With the rise in open-plan living, the kitchen is front and center and everything is out in the open for everyone to see – the scullery acts as a second small kitchen and helps to alleviate the mess and keeps everything behind the scenes. The dirty dishes, glassware piled up and food prep can all be kept in the scullery while your kitchen stays open and clean for your guests to enjoy. Typically, you will find plumbing in this room; sinks, dishwasher and a prep sink are big elements in this space.  

And of course, there is the butler’s pantry, another version that we are seeing quite often in home design. It is not as large as the scullery and plays more of a storage role. It is a great space to store all the smaller appliances that you do not want to clutter up your kitchen counters: toaster, microwave, coffeemaker, etc.

Whether your pantry is its’ own separate room off the kitchen, a scattering of shelves on a random wall or a scaled down version of your kitchen, we all need that sweet spot in the house that helps to keep our lives and homes running smoothly (or to hide the treats).