Spring Refresher

Living in New England, we always enjoy the Spring “wake-up”, the birds are returning and singing their songs each morning, the grass is greening and it’s time to throw open the windows and let in that crisp, clean air. It’s a great time to be thinking about some of the small home projects that will get your home in tip-top shape in no time.

Get outside and enjoy the nice days by power washing your patio and outdoor rugs, wiping down your outdoor furniture and inspecting your cushions for wear and tear. Consider washing your furniture covers if it’s a possibility or it may be time to retire them and purchase new ones.

Clean your gutters and scrub and inspect your grill – these are big projects but in the long-run can save you money and hassle. Keeping your gutters running smoothly, especially in anticipation of spring rain will help protect against larger issues and big home repair bills in the future. Be sure that your gutters are graded away from your house and be sure that they have a clear space to empty out. Having a clean grill with fully functioning parts will help it last for years to come and won’t let you down right in time for that 4th of July BBQ.

Fix any holes you might have in your screens and give them a good washing. This may sound like a difficult project but the big-box stores have kits that make this very easy. It will save you from having insects and potentially small pests making their way into your home. Keeping them clean will hinder any residue or mold from growing and will keep your views beautiful.

Paint or re-stain your front door. Your door is a welcoming site and is one of the first things visitors focus on when coming to your home. Hot summer heat, cold winters and salt air are just a few of the elements that can warp or damage your door. Keep it looking fresh and new with a touch up every year or so.

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