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The value of charm & nostalgia

Sometimes the value of a home is greater than it’s physical structure and monetary value. Location, family ties and deep rooted nostalgia can boost a home’s personal and perceived value tenfold and that was exactly the case for the homeowner at our Highland Whole House Renovation project.

This multi-phase project began in 2013 with the renovation of the main structure. Phase II added a handsome detached  2 car garage with recreational space above. Fast forward to 2019 and we are just beginning Phase III of this project to build an addition that connects the main house to the garage and adds a spacious master suite. The commencement of Phase III made us reflect back on our long standing relationship with this client and their journey to transform this home from a nostalgic summer retreat to a permanent full time residence that will no doubt last for generations.

This home, built in 1922 was one that evoked a sense of nostalgia for the client who was raised in this coastal community and since returned to spend countless summers always surrounded by friends and family who occupy several other homes in the area. They personally rented this summer home for years and when it came on the market there was no question that they would purchase it and plan to keep in in the family for generations to come.   The home was loaded with charm but needed updating, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. The family also needed more space in the home overall to be able to comfortably summer here.

The resulting design by Noseworthy Residential Design added a full length addition off the rear to include an expanded kitchen, full bathroom, side entry, screen porch & outdoor covered patio. In 2013 Phase I of this multi-phase project began and would be the beginning of an ever evolving project that would fully transform this property while trying to remain true to the original bones & feel of the home.

The house was lifted off of it’s foundation, porches removed and a new full height foundation was poured to allow for the finishing of the entire basement area.  This portion of the project presented plenty of challenges but the homeowner once again saw value in making this home well suited for them so chose to move forward despite the complexity of the work.    The new full height basement significantly increased the square footage of the home and added an additional bathroom, kitchenette and recreational space that the entire family could make use of.

The scope of the project soon expanded to other parts of the home as the client explains; “At our first meeting with Eric, his excitement inspired us. As he got to know us, he intuitively offered us suggestions that we did not consider, but were just what we wanted.”

In 2016 a small underutilized detached garage on the property was demolished and a new 2 car garage with recreational space above was built in it’s place. The garage is perfect additional entertainment area for the countless family visitors that frequented the property throughout the summer months. Aesthetics of the property were significantly enhanced with exterior finishes to match the newly remodeled main home.

With the garage complete it wasn’t long before the client began planning for phase three of this  multi-phase project.  The client returned to architect Gordon Noseworthy to draft plans for an expansive master suite addition that would connect the garage and main house and prepare the home for the client to eventually make it their permanent year round residence.

With plans complete & permits pulled, construction on the phase III addition began on March 25, 2019. We look forward to working with this long standing repeat client to complete their vision of a home well suited to their personal lifestyle that maintains its original charm and nostalgia.

If you love your home and it’s charm and nostalgia but wish it was better suited for your lifestyle, now may be the time to start planning!

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Dust Happens

Dust Happens

Most every phase of a remodeling project will generate dust from various sources; tiny pieces of cement, silicates, lead, wood, insulation and dirt from demolition; sawing lumber; cutting tile, countertops, and flooring; sanding drywall and more. These get into the air and have the potential to settle on you, your children, your pets, furniture, clothes, towels, toothbrushes, even in your lungs. Dust that gets everywhere. And could stay around even months after the remodeling project is over…unless something is done to help prevent it from the start.

How we help deal with it

At Thorson Restoration & Construction we put our clients health, safety & satisfaction at the top of our priority list…even when it comes to dust. We use the revolutionary new BuildClean Dust Control System as a part of our multi-level dust control plan. BuildClean eliminates 90% of airborne construction dust with a pre-filter that captures large dust particles and a HEPA-certified second-stage filter that traps microscopic particulates in the air as small as one micron in diameter. BuildClean is a quiet and effective method of dust control that provides continuous and highly efficient air filtration during construction. So airborne dust is actually trapped and contained within the job work area – and then eliminated. That keeps the areas outside the construction site cleaner. And keeps construction dust from lingering in your home months after the work is done.

How you benefit

  • Provides a more livable environment during remodeling
  • Offers healthier conditions for you, your family and pets
  • Protects sensitive electronics like computers and televisions
  • Eliminates 90% if airborne dust particles for easier cleanup

How it works

BuildClean Unit: Fully contained and portable to any location

Coarse Pre-Filter: catches large particulates

Fine HEPA Filter: Incredibly effective. Certified at an efficiency rate of 99.99% at .3 microns.

Dynamic fan speed control increases motor speed as filters load, maintaining desired CFM air flow

Air Outlet: Allows ducting so BuildClean can be used as a negative air machine (a way to effectively expel air out of a contained area).



2017 Magazine Feature

Our Pool house project was featured in Home Remodeling Magazine’s Spring 2017 issue. The eight page spread highlighted how the collaboration between client, architect and our company created “The Ultimate Family Space” that no one would want to leave! Read all about it online or pick up a magazine available in newsstands near you!

See photos of the entire project here