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Dust Happens

Dust Happens

Most every phase of a remodeling project will generate dust from various sources; tiny pieces of cement, silicates, lead, wood, insulation and dirt from demolition; sawing lumber; cutting tile, countertops, and flooring; sanding drywall and more. These get into the air and have the potential to settle on you, your children, your pets, furniture, clothes, towels, toothbrushes, even in your lungs. Dust that gets everywhere. And could stay around even months after the remodeling project is over…unless something is done to help prevent it from the start.

How we help deal with it

At Thorson Restoration & Construction we put our clients health, safety & satisfaction at the top of our priority list…even when it comes to dust. We use the revolutionary new BuildClean Dust Control System as a part of our multi-level dust control plan. BuildClean eliminates 90% of airborne construction dust with a pre-filter that captures large dust particles and a HEPA-certified second-stage filter that traps microscopic particulates in the air as small as one micron in diameter. BuildClean is a quiet and effective method of dust control that provides continuous and highly efficient air filtration during construction. So airborne dust is actually trapped and contained within the job work area – and then eliminated. That keeps the areas outside the construction site cleaner. And keeps construction dust from lingering in your home months after the work is done.

How you benefit

  • Provides a more livable environment during remodeling
  • Offers healthier conditions for you, your family and pets
  • Protects sensitive electronics like computers and televisions
  • Eliminates 90% if airborne dust particles for easier cleanup

How it works

BuildClean Unit: Fully contained and portable to any location

Coarse Pre-Filter: catches large particulates

Fine HEPA Filter: Incredibly effective. Certified at an efficiency rate of 99.99% at .3 microns.

Dynamic fan speed control increases motor speed as filters load, maintaining desired CFM air flow

Air Outlet: Allows ducting so BuildClean can be used as a negative air machine (a way to effectively expel air out of a contained area).