Pocket Doors

Design & Detail Spotlight


The Pocket Door

By nature the pocket door is meant to be out of sight but it’s practicality will never be forgotten.  This door style has been used for centuries and it’s benefits are still as useful today as they were 100 years ago. 
Pocket doors are framed to slide into a “pocket” in the wall when not in use. Unlike a normal door they require zero clearance around them for operation which makes them ideal for small and tight spaces. 
The doors pictured to the left are from our featured Hingham Addition project and were used in two areas where space was at a premium; the pantry and a small office just off of a main hallway. Both areas would have sacrificed a lot of space by using a traditional door and both are spaces that require closing off for either sound control or to conceal messy kitchen prep. When opened the doors are completely out of sight. In the case of the office,  glass doors were used to provide sound dampening while still allowing light into the space.
The Pantry door was one that although they opted for the look of a french door, frosted glass was used to have the option to close off the space visually. If entertaining they can keep messy prep contained in the pantry by just closing the door. But really when you have a pantry as nice as this one you may want the door open more often than closed!  
The sometimes overlooked pocket door was the perfect solution to both of these space & design dilemmas, and thankfully they look pretty nice too! 

For more information on pocket doors or to incorporate this design detail into your next project contact us online or call our office to speak with one of our representatives.