Leave Room for Growth

Leave room for growth

Any one who gardens knows that a plant should be placed in a pot that will leave a little room for growth. You would be forced to re-pot pretty often if the subsequent pots were only a fraction larger than the last. With that in mind think of your next remodeling project…Why you ask? Because the same principle applies.

When planning for a project, particularly a large one, you want to be farsighted and “leave room for growth” as it were. It always makes sense to plan ahead… sometimes way ahead.

Think about how your life might change over the course of the next several years (or as long as you expect this renovation to last). For instance if you are approaching retirement and plan to spend your elder years in your current home, you may want incorporate some features that would make those years a bit easier. Or if you know you will be out growing your current home due to a growing family or changing needs you should consider what would appeal to the next potential home buyer.

Leaving room for growth also means planning for styles & finishes that will endure the test of time. I’m sure we all know someone who had to pull out a full “avocado” bathroom suite circa 1972…and it probably probably lost it’s appeal sometime in the 1980’s. The lesson? Sometimes the latest design trend can be a little too trendy, meaning it will quickly fade and be replaced by the next big trend.  To avoid renovating too often…leave room for growth!