Care Free PVC Decking

High Style meets Low Maintenance

Azek PVC Decking

The trend for decking is moving away from wood and composite and towards a more durable, scratch, stain & fade resistant option ~ PVC.

Cellular PVC products have risen to a high level of style and are available for more than just decking. Trim, rails and architectural mouldings are also available in this durable, versatile material and it comes in a wide range of colors and textures to resemble stained or painted wood. The high quality, longevity and visual appeal of products Like AZEK decking, rails and trim make it the standard for most if not all of our exterior projects. Check out the list of advantages below and see how it compares to your current trim and decking material:

Advantages to PVC vs. wood or composite

  • Resists stains, fading, scratches
  • Resists rot, mildew, mold and damage due to insects
  • Lasts in excess of 25 years
  • Never requires, stain or paint
  • Available in a variety of colors and textures
  • Offers options for hidden fastening systems
  • Material is 100% recyclable With all of these advantages you may ask why anyone would select anything else?

Some of the reasons why AZEK isn’t covering everyone’s deck …yet:

1.) Education -many people are still of the mind that “plastic” means “cheap” or low quality -these products are far from low quality -in fact they are quite the opposite. Others aren’t aware that these products even exist.

2) Higher initial cost -being that the product is technologically advanced and has such a long life the initial price is higher -but the smart consumer knows that cost difference will be recouped over the life of the product. The savings will come in the form of lack of maintenance bills to repair, replace, stain or paint the product.

3.) Some prefer the feel of real wood and may choose wood products like Ipe or mahogany for their aesthetics and these woods do have a higher tolerance to moisture but do still require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure their longevity.

So if you are a fan of high quality, low maintenance, durable finishes that will stand the test of time and ultimately save you money then this design trend may be one to follow.

Want to make PVC decking part of your next renovation project? Contact us and let’s start planning!