They met each and every objective throughout the process…

Whole House Renovation

Because Thorson Restoration was always forward thinking, it enabled us to consider alternatives throughout the project that we may not have considered at the architectural design phase.  The end result was a better and more thoughtful design.  Additionally, Thorson used top of the line product and materials on all aspects of the home’s construction.  We considered  4 other Construction companies for the project; Thorson stood alone in outlining what would be their “standards”,  versus  another company’s  “premium”.

Thorson’s Professionalism was second to none.  I have many friends who have gone through home construction projects recently.  Their experiences were ones wrought with frustration taking issue with the integrity of their builder and their honesty related to costs when changes were made.  This had zero resemblance to our experience.

When Thorson promised to achieve a task or get something done.  It was done.  When representations were made, they followed through. If an issue arose, immediate attention was given.  This made the entire construction process really stress- free. Lastly, the work spaces were kept neat, clean, orderly and organized.

We felt that the end product we received was fair and honest related to cost.  For us, the value of our money was not what we “spent”, rather what we “did not have to spend” because Thorson’s knowledge of quality building put us at an advantage in doing everything efficiently and well done the first time around.  Overall, we were more than pleased with Thorson Restoration’s performance.  They met each and every objective throughout the process.  As a result, the experience of building a summer family home was nothing but fun!