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A Race for Research

On Sunday October 26th Stacy ran 26.2 miles in support of her nephew Dylan & Dana Farber’s Pediatric Brain Cancer research.

A lot of hard work went into preparing for the race. Besides the months of physical training, Stacy with the help of all of our clients, friends and associates was able to raise nearly $10,000 for the cause-exceeding her initial goal of $5,000 by almost double!

Stacy ran the race sporting her “Run for Dana-Farber” shirt which she had custom printed with an image of her nephew Dylan. With Dylan on her mind (and shirt) she was able to cross the finish line and get Dana Farber one step closer to a cure! As the Marines that encouraged & volunteered on the sidelines throughout the entire course and the many serviceman & women that were running side by side with her that day would say: “Oorah! Mission Accomplished!”. Stacy would like to sincerely thank all who donated in support of this great cause!

More About Dylan

In 2011 our nephew Dylan Berio was diagnosed with Pilocytic Astrocytoma at the age of 3.  Dylan’s journey with Brain cancer has lead him through two surgeries and multiple rounds of chemo therapy. Currently Dylan has lost 50%  of his vision but his tumors are stable. 

Dylan travels bi‐weekly to The Dana Farber Institute with his mother for his chemotherapy treatments. He continues to be a
happy go lucky little boy with a positive attude towards life. Dylan will be entering the first grade in the fall and is also currently
learning Braille at the Perkins School for the Blind. One of Dylan’s main passions is his matchbox & hot wheel cars. He
can recognize most makes and models of cars and trucks at a glance. Dylan continues to amaze us every day as he smiles his
big smile all while he races to conquer his challenge in life, to rid the world of cancer!

We tell you our family’s story with a very heavy heart. We know that Cancer touches the lives of many families and the need for fundraising is immense but for our family this specific cause is a very personal one. Having to watch our nephew deal with the effects of the cancer & treatments for more than half of his life without the hope of a permanent cure has been a tough pill to swallow although Dylan remains happy & active despite his many trials. 

Click here to donate to Dana Farber in support of Pediatric Brain  cancer research