Eric Thorson and his team are second to none. We LOVE this contractor…

Addition & Whole House Remodel

“Eric Thorson and his team are second to none. We LOVE this contractor. Before we started our project, we called other homeowners for recommendations and they shared the exact sentiments. We selected Thorson because they “engineered” the job and highlighted issues in advance to avoid surprises during construction. Due to their foresight, we had no surprises in the construction process. As for the finances, there were no surprises there either. The only changes to the initial quote were additions and deletions that we made to the project – and no financial changes were due to surprises from the contractor. Thorson’s online budgeting system was extremely accurate, required homeowner approval over every expense, and provided a detailed tally of exactly what has been spent to date. Everything with this contractor is transparent and clear – which alleviates a lot of the stress usually accompanying a construction project.

Deadlines were also tightly managed and met due to constant and clear communication between Eric, the project manager and the homeowner. If the homeowners timely complete their project selections, there will be no delay from the Thorson team.

We lived in two rooms throughout what was essentially a renovation of our entire house (including a new 1200 foot addition), and we were amazed at how smoothly the project went. We LOVED every minute of the process. The Thorson team is extremely professional, knowledgeable and neat at all times. Each member of the team excels at their respective jobs, they have a great eye for detail, and are a pleasure to work with. We even contracted with Thorson to do our lawn and some hardscaping and will continue our exterior improvements with them in the spring.

We LOVE our new home and find it difficult to come up with even one criticism – even a minor one – of the project or work performed. This in itself is a rarity in the construction world. We would highly recommend Thorson Restoration & Construction for any project and would enjoy working with them again. They absolutely deserve every award possible.”