Eric & Stacy

Owners & Founders

Since 1991

Eric & Stacy Thorson are partners both in life and in business and share a passion and appreciation for preserving the historical architecture found locally on the South Shore and all over New England. Their interest in the building and remodeling Industry grew when they spent the first few years of their marriage pouring their blood, sweat & tears into the full restoration of their 1790 Antique Cape.  That experience combined with Eric’s construction background led them to start Thorson Restoration in 1991.

Eric grew the company from the ground up at first filling all of the roles in the company himself including sales, administrative and field work. As the company quickly grew Stacy resigned from her position at a medical billing firm to manage the financial and administrative functions of Thorson Restoration.  Stacy’s new position also allowed her the flexibility to be more available for her children as she & Eric grew their family.

Eric’s role has evolved and become more focused as the company took on a solid core of administrative and field staff. Eric continues to be very involved in the daily operations; including managing the details of many of the company’s large scale projects and being the company ambassador for client satisfaction but now has the ability to focus more on company development and staff training and mentoring.

Stacy continues to manage the company financials, human resources and many aspects of the company’s administration. Both Eric & Stacy have devoted  much of the their life to the growth and development of the Thorson company & culture  and it brings them great satisfaction to know that Thorson Restoration has had a part in improving the homes and lifestyles of countless clients over the course of their many years in business.

Jennifer Kravitz

Office Manager & Marketing Director

Since 2008

Jenn was raised in Bristol Rhode Island and relocated to the South Shore after marrying her husband Matthew in 2005.  Jenn has a very diverse business & art background; she won numerous awards for her ceramic & sculptural work and was featured on RI News channel 10 as Artist of the Month in November of 1999. Having always had a passion for the arts, she held a number of positions while attending school and shortly thereafter ranging from Floral Design to Ballroom Dance instruction for Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

In the late 90’s and into the early 2000’s Jenn also managed her own decorative painting business and had her work published in Newport Living Magazine. The flexibility of owning her own business allowed her to be involved in various avenues of volunteer work.  In 2003 Jenn spent 3 months volunteering for an educational work in Guyana, South America and for several years was involved in a volunteer construction work all across New England where she apprenticed on the masonry crew.

In 2005 Jenn worked as the Office Manager & Marketing Coordinator for a natural foods store in Rhode Island. Many of Jenn’s Creative skills were put to great use in marketing and she felt as though she found her niche in the business world. In 2008 Jenn joined the Thorson Team and her creativity & marketing experience are utilized daily at the Thorson offices as she manages the many aspects of the company’s branding & advertising. Jenn also enjoys her interactions with clients, typically being the first person a client reaches when calling the Thorson office. Jenn also manages the daily affairs at our offices, aiding clients with product selections and being a general support person for the administrative & production crews.  On her personal time Jenn enjoys being outside & active with her family and she still teaches the occasional ballroom dance lesson.

Ben Norton

Project Development & Estimating

Since 2013

Ben was born & raised in West Bridgewater MA and formed an interest in Construction from an early age. Whether it was in high school shop class or building skateboard ramps for fun  Ben always had a feeling he would end up somewhere in the construction field.  As a youth Ben landed a job with a quality builder on Cape Cod who took him under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of frame to finish carpentry with a focus on the details. From there Ben worked for a number of companies throughout his college years and beyond.

In the late 90’s Ben dabbled in the computer field but ultimately realized that the corporate technical world was not for him and he decided to get back to doing what he enjoyed most –working with his hands in the construction field. Ben got his unrestricted Contractor Supervisors license and Home Improvement Contractor’s license and in 2001 began working for him.  Working in both residential and commercial construction and managing the many facets of his own construction business Ben learned the importance of time management, accurate estimating and providing a quality product.

After a bad car accident in 2007 Ben sustained a back injury and was forced to limit his physical activity in the field. Having a difficult time sustaining his own business Ben sought to move more into construction management and administration and found work for another company as an Estimator. Ben brought his estimating skills and many years of construction industry experience to the table here at Thorson when he joined the team in 2013.  Ben’s ideals and work ethic were right in line with Thorson’s and  having worked for several  other companies over the years Ben was impressed with the quality of work and  high ethical standards that Thorson maintained, not to mention the pleasant and professional work environment. Ben now works closely with the sales & administrative staff to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of our estimates and contracts and assists with various pre construction tasks to prepare a job to go to production.

Todd Donnelly

Project Manager

Since 2005

Todd graduated from the University of Maryland in 1995 with a B.A. in History and originally held positions in the corporate business world with a focus on human resources. He began his career in the construction industry just after 2001 when he seized an opportunity to apprentice as a carpenter in San Francisco California for three years. From there he moved to Baltimore and continued to hone his new found skills as a carpenter, focusing on fine finish carpentry in Historic Buildings including one of the Vanderbilt Mansions.  In 2005 Todd was married and he and his wife Amy decided to relocate to New England. It seemed fitting that Todd would further pursue restoration work once settled into his new location with its rich architectural history.

Since joining the Thorson Team in 2005 Todd has played a number of vital roles in the company.  Starting out as a finish carpenter, Todd’s attention to detail was very evident and was one of his many positive traits that made Eric Thorson view him as a good candidate for a management role. Todd has been working as a project manager for the company since 2008. He coordinates & manages the many details of a project from start to finish. He works closely with the client to ensure that they are well informed about what each phase of a project means to the schedule, their lives and their budget.

Todd excels at communication and has been praised for his high level of professionalism. Like many of the Thorson staff, Todd has a great appreciation for Historic architecture evident in the fact that he regularly enjoys working on restoring his own Victorian home in Plymouth, MA where he lives with his wife Amy and three children.

Bob Morrissey

Lead Carpenter

Since 2003

Bob Morrissey, one of our seasoned veterans, has had a long history working in the industry and has been an integral part of the crew here at Thorson since 2003.Being the youngest of seven children Bob began his journey in the world of carpentry when his eldest brother prodded him to join him in the field. Little did Bob know then that following his sibling’s suggestion would lead him to a long career in the construction industry.

As a sophomore in high school, one of Bob’s first jobs in the field was doing roofing and siding. Over the years Bob worked for a number of companies including a framing company, commercial builder and a fine home builder located on Cape Cod. The many years of gaining valuable on the job training led Bob to becoming a lead carpenter and then a supervisor for 6 years prior to joining the Thorson team. In the year 2000 Bob became OSHA certified and in 2003 obtained his Construction Supervisor’s license. Both of these certifications helped Bob to gain a better working knowledge of the field and certainly add to his being a valuable asset to our team here at Thorson Restoration & Construction.

Bob’s many years of experience makes him one of the best at what he does and allows him to be a great role model on the job site. As anyone that has worked with Bob can attest to, he has an innate ability to look at a set of printed plans, visualize and produce the finished product with incredible accuracy and unmatched quality craftsmanship. On a personal note, Bob enjoys a number of hobbies including hockey, sport fishing, boating, & hunting. Bob has a love for the outdoors and when not engaged in one of his hobbies enjoys much of his leisure time spent with his wife Monica at their home in Middleboro MA. 

Dan Moore

Lead Carpenter

Since 2005

Dan was born and raised in Bridgewater MA. He started his career in carpentry at a very young age, helping at his uncle's building company over summer breaks. He liked the fast paced challenging environment and when he graduated from Bridgewater/Raynham High School decided to jump into the industry full time. He continued working for his uncle for another 3 years before the company began to slow down and Dan was forced to look for work elsewhere.

A number of Dan’s family members are also construction industry professionals.  It was ultimately his mother, an Architect that had worked with Thorson on a number of occasions who suggested he inquire about employment with the company.  He applied and shortly thereafter began as a laborer for Thorson   in December of 2005.  Dan seemed to have an inherent natural ability towards the trades and has advanced his way through the ranks at an impressive pace. After five and a half years with the company he became a Lead Carpenter whose strong work ethic and thorough and efficient manor make him a good fit for managing a job site.

Everyone here at Thorson thoroughly enjoys their working relationship with Dan and agrees that he is unstoppable in the field and maintains a very good reputation with our clients. Dan now lives in Pocasset Ma and enjoys most of his down time with his wife Jennifer.  Dan admittedly likes to be busy so stays active even in his personal life –playing soccer, softball or enjoying the outdoors canoeing and biking.

Dale Hermansen

Lead Carpenter/Finish Carpenter

Since 2014

Dale was born and raised on the south shore and his interest in carpentry began at a young age when he would observe his grandfather working on his latest woodworking project.  At age 16 he began working in the field and gaining valuable industry experience that would serve him well for the rest of his life.  Dale’s interest in carpentry led him to attend Southeastern vocational school and take several courses in carpentry.

Besides a brief time in the Marines, Dale spent the rest of his adult life working as a carpenter for himself & several different companies.  His 25+ years of hands on experience in the field make Dale a very valuable member of the team. His extensive knowledge in all areas of construction and diverse set of skills allow us to use Dale in many aspects of our projects.

Despite Dale’s versatility, his passion lies in the finer aspects of finish carpentry. He enjoys working on the finer details of a project, knowing that those finish details will be what makes that lasting impression on the end user.  His appreciation for details not only make him a good fit for Thorson but also make Thorson a good fit for him; “This is the best company I’ve ever worked for hands down” said Dale,  “from the people I work with to the types of projects we do and attention to detail and level of craftsmanship”.  Dale looks forward to growing with the company and continuing to make a lasting impression on our company and clients with his great sense of humor & his finely tuned craftsmanship. Dale now lives with his wife Joanne and two daughters Ashley & Gabriella in Wareham, MA. Dale is a father & husband first and loves spending time with his family. He loves fishing and really anything that involves being by the ocean.

Greg Duva

Finish Carpenter

Since 2013

Greg grew up in Somerville, MA and his interest in the Carpentry field came by chance as a teen when helping his then employer build some shelving for a farm stand. Greg sounded very nostalgic when recounting his first introduction to woodworking tools “I still remember when I saw and used my first router, I thought, wow this is great,   there’s a tool to round edges on a board - that’s awesome!” From there his love of carpentry grew and Greg decided to further his education in the field. Now a graduate of the North Bennet St. School’s Cabinet and Furniture making program, Greg is going on his 18th year in the construction industry.

Greg moved from the north shore to Braintree, which prompted his search for new employment that would cut down on his commuting time. He found Thorson and was happy to be welcomed as a member of the team in 2013. Greg excels at the finer aspects of Finish Carpentry which make him a very valued member here at Thorson. The majority of our projects require a high level of detail and Greg welcomes this challenge.   Other members of the Thorson team describe Greg as having a very positive attitude and eager to get to work every day. In fact, if we let him Greg would probably arrive on the job site at 6am sharp every day!

When he’s not working hard for Thorson, Greg enjoys fishing and building custom furniture pieces. He recently remodeled his entire summer home in Wareham and enjoys spending time there over the summer months.

Jared McCartney


Since 2004

Jared attended Bristol Plymouth Regional Technical School and though it fitting to focus in the electrical field since he had family in the industry.  He completed his vocational training and had opportunity to secure employment right away in the electrical field working for his uncle in Boston, MA.  After six months in the field and countless hours of commuting an opportunity opened up with Thorson and Jared decided to switch gears and try his hand at carpentry to be a bit closer to home.

Starting his carpentry career as a laborer and moving his way through the ranks, Jared was grateful for the opportunity to work side by side with and learn from our skilled carpenters and tradesmen. He has since become a very valuable member of our team, contributing to the success of countless projects over the course of his many years with the company. He has been described by his co-workers as “a real team player and hard worker” and every customer would attest to his polite & professional demeanor.

Jared really enjoys the culture and positive work environment at Thorson and takes pride in his contribution to the company’s success. When he’s not working hard for the company Jared can be found enjoying one of his many hobbies like boating, fishing or hunting.  Family is also high on his priority list; Jared and his wife Christina now live in Taunton with their two children.

Colby McMullen


Since 2017

Colby was born and raised in Hanson, MA and comes from a family of hardworking iron workers. Colby grew up working with his dad and brother in the trades and has been working as an ironworker and carpenter for the last 9+ years.

Colby loves working outdoors and watching a project progress from nothing into something amazing that he was able take part in.   Colby's experience, strong work ethic and passion for the trades make him a great fit here at Thorson.  He has demonstrated his passion by going above and beyond when asked to perform any task small or large. When asked what he enjoys most about working for Thorson he said the people he works with and the customers make for a very comfortable and enjoyable work environment. 

Tom White

Carpenter’s Assistant

Since 2018

Tom is the newest member of the team; he was raised in Bridgewater, Massachusetts and began working in construction as a laborer during summer breaks. His work with our team gave him the desire to pursue construction management as a career. Tom has since decided to jump into the construction field full time and is excited to continue on his path of learning the many aspects of the trade. He currently supports our carpenters daily in the field.

 Wrigley Thorson

Company Culture Ambassador

Since 2013

Wrigley is a regular fixture at the Thorson offices and he takes his role as Company Culture Ambassador very seriously. He daily greets all staff & visitors and ensures that we all maintain our positive attitude and sense of humor.  Don’t let his laid back demeanor at the office fool you though, when Wrigley gets to go on the road with Eric he is unstoppable and always eager to hop out of the car and get to work!