Beach Escape

A peaceful retreat

Tucked away in a small sea-side community in Plymouth sits a neighborhood full of family owned homes, kids and dogs playing in the front yards and for our client, a memory-bank full of her childhood memories. She and her husband are both natives of Plymouth and decided that her childhood summer neighborhood was where they wanted to live full time. This home is only a few doors down from where she grew up and they purchased the home from a long-time neighbor who was ready to move on.

Already a beautiful beach cottage, it was just that – meant for summer living and warmer days, not the cold winds of winter. So, a full renovation was necessary. Having worked with Thorson before, our client called on us from the start and together, we collaborated with their architect, Rob Bramhall.

Having a large family, our client knew that this cottage was going to need a little more room to fit their friends and family. The full renovation included an addition off the right side of the house, adding an enlarged kitchen, family room, mudroom, two car garage, second floor bedroom and full bathroom. While the house was going to be enlarged, they still wanted to keep the charm and feel of a seaside cottage. What we achieved as a team is just what they wanted, an escape to the ocean where they could relax and rewind back to their younger years (this time with a glass of wine).

Architect: Rob Bramhall Architects | Photos: Hawk Visuals