Dan Moore


Lead Carpenter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Since 2005

Dan was born and raised in Bridgewater MA. He started his career in carpentry at a very young age, helping at his uncle's building company over summer breaks. He liked the fast-paced challenging environment and when he graduated from Bridgewater/Raynham High School decided to jump into the industry full time. He continued working for his uncle for another 3 years before the company began to slow down and Dan was forced to look for work elsewhere.

A number of Dan’s family members are also construction industry professionals.  It was ultimately his mother, an Architect that had worked with Thorson on a number of occasions who suggested he inquire about employment with the company.  He applied and shortly thereafter began as a laborer for Thorson   in December of 2005.  Dan seemed to have an inherent natural ability towards the trades and has advanced his way through the ranks at an impressive pace. After five and a half years with the company, he became a Lead Carpenter whose strong work ethic and thorough and efficient manner make him a good fit for managing a job site.

Everyone here at Thorson thoroughly enjoys their working relationship with Dan and agrees that he is unstoppable in the field and maintains a very good reputation with our clients. Dan now lives in Pocasset,MA, and enjoys most of his downtime with his wife Jennifer.  Dan admittedly likes to be busy so stays active even in his personal life, playing soccer, softball, and enjoying the outdoors canoeing and biking.

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