Jeni Francoeur

Office Manager
Since 2019

Born and raised in New Bedford, MA with a Father who owned a roofing, welding and sheet metal fabrication company and a Grandfather who was a talented carpenter, artist and builder, Jeni has always been around hard-working tradespeople who found satisfaction in building and creating. Her Mother was an avid decorator who strongly believed in creating a beautiful and welcoming space for her family, teaching Jeni from an early age that home should be a warm, safe and comforting place.

Jeni earned her degree in English from UMass Dartmouth, believing that she would become a second-grade teacher. Instead, her career path led her into a 9-year sales and merchandising career at Samsonite, then based out of Warren, RI. Tired of corporate sales, Jeni turned to agriculture and joined Ocean Spray, a Grower-Owned cooperative where she spent 15 years working with cranberry growers. Here, she sharpened her skills in communications, relationship management and public relations, spending most of her time on farms and educating the world about cranberries.

Jeni joined the Thorson team back in September of 2019 and is merging her upbringing and appreciation for the trades, her love of home decorating, marketing, communications and relationship skills.  As a self-proclaimed homebody, Jeni enjoys any and all things that make a home – cooking, baking, decorating, hosting and gardening. Being a dancer for 23 years, she also enjoys working out and taking dance classes. Jeni shares her home in Plymouth, MA with her fiancé, Garrick, their dog Winston and 2 cats.

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