Bob Morrissey

Lead Carpenter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Since 2003

Bob Morrissey, one of our seasoned veterans, has had a long history working in the industry and has been an integral part of the crew here at Thorson since 2003. Being the youngest of seven children Bob began his journey in the world of carpentry when his eldest brother prodded him to join him in the field. Little did Bob know then that following his sibling’s suggestion would lead him to a long career in the construction industry.

As a sophomore in high school, one of Bob’s first jobs in the field was doing roofing and siding. Over the years Bob worked for a number of companies including a framing company, commercial builder, and a fine home builder located on Cape Cod. The many years of gaining valuable on-the-job training led Bob to become a lead carpenter and then a supervisor for 6 years prior to joining the Thorson team. In the year 2000 Bob became OSHA certified and in 2003 obtained his Construction Supervisor’s license. Both of these certifications helped Bob to gain a better working knowledge of the field and certainly add to his being a valuable asset to our team here at Thorson Restoration & Construction.

Bob’s many years of experience make him one of the best at what he does and allows him to be a great role model on the job site. As anyone that has worked with Bob can attest to, he has an innate ability to look at a set of printed plans, visualize and produce the finished product with incredible accuracy and unmatched quality craftsmanship. On a personal note, Bob enjoys a number of hobbies including hockey, sport fishing, boating, & hunting. Bob has a love for the outdoors and when not engaged in one of his hobbies enjoys much of his leisure time spent with his wife Monica at their home in Middleboro.

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